A Restorative Assessment Framework for young people who display SEXUALLY HARMFUL BEHAVIOUR

A Restorative Assessment Framework 

for young people who display


17th April 2013

Luther King House, Rusholme Manchester




 Are You meeting the standards required of Restorative Practitioners by the 2012 Best Practice Guidance and the UK Govt ‘Action Plan  for RJ’?


This training will introduce the revised AIM Restorative Assessment Framework developed from the original framework published in 2007. Since that date AIM has steadily accumulated and reflected upon casework experience including intra familial/ stranger/adult victim cases with young offenders both in community and custodial settings. This revision reflects learning from this experience and from shared knowledge with the other European RJ sites that undertake the work as well as research from Australia and New Zealand.


 AIM is widely regarded as the foremost authority on restorative work in the context of sexual violence and as such has contributed to numerous national and international events as well as advising upon the Home Office Best Practice Guidance on Sensitive and Complex Cases.


Practitioners are naturally anxious about the difficulties of offering safe and appropriate processes in cases of sexual violence. Clearly a criminogenic risk assessment of the offender should be at the heart of consideration, but this will not in its entirety address the restorative issues which critically need to be addressed to ensure sensitive and safe practice.


The UK’s Best Practice Guidance for Cases of a Sensitive or Complex nature (which includes all RJ/SHB cases) notes that Restorative Practitioners must be able to apply ‘ a more thorough initial and ongoing assessment of safety and risk than would be required for less complex cases’ and ‘ ensure that any relevant specialist risk assessment tool is applied’. The AIM RJ Framework is the only example of an empirically based tool to meet that requirement.


In the Action Plan for RJ (2012) the UK Government says ‘Both the victim and the offender must be assessed … This assessment is carried out by fully trained and accredited RJ Practitioners’

Moreover in response to ‘Getting it right for Victims and Witnesses’ the Home office acknowledges that it will not be prescriptive about the type of cases that RJ should address, but instead focus upon offering informed and safe practice with tools to facilitate safe  and sensitive practice. 

The RJ Framework and the AIM Best Practice Guidance offer that approach.


Who should attend?

Restorative Practitioners, their Managers, Victim Contact Staff, SHB specialists who are considering a restorative element to their work.




Course Content

    • To provide an understanding of the issues when working with young people who sexually harm, underpinned by research/casework experience


    • To explore the importance of a restorative assessment as opposed to a criminogenic risk framework


    • To  consider critical restorative issues such as  ‘acceptance of responsibility’ and ‘empathy’ in the light of learning from the SHB field


    • Identify issues which lead to a safer and structured decision making process which is inclusive in approach


    • To  engage with a wide range of professionals to anticipate wider difficulties other than those from the victim/offender perspective


    • To give workers a greater confidence in restorative practice in cases of SHB


    •  The course will be certified by the AIM Project and consistent with the new draft National Occupational Standards proposed for RJ





A mixture of powerpoint presentation, small group tasks, casework illustration and a DVD are employed in the day. Each delegate will receive a copy of the revised RJ Assessment framework.



The area has many reasonably priced hotels and the venue itself can offer very reasonable bed and breakfast rates. The venue has limited parking and is easily accessed via public transport.

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