AIM Project exciting developments for 2018/19

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The AIM Project is currently in the process of developing its AIM3 framework to replace the current AIM2 model. We’ve always recognised that for any evidentially based assessment to stay current and applicable the evidential base needs periodic updating. AIM2 last underwent this revision in 2012. However we feels its now time not just to revise and update the current evidential base but all AIM Projects associates have actively been involved in  revising all the current factors, bringing in new additions and making the framework more usable for all  practitioners. As with earlier frameworks this is complex and wide ranging exercise involving multiple partners to ensure that AIM3 will not merely replace AIM2 but add considerable functionality.

We anticipate this work to be completed in spring 2019 and will be releasing details of the framework early in the new year. Naturally we will be looking to Local Authorities, Youth Offending Teams and other users of the current framework to book in training on the new framework. Details of how to do so, together with more details about how AIM3 will look, awill be posted on the website in the near future.


The existing TAHSB framework has been amended in the light of practice feedback on the original roll out pilot. The supporting training course is  extended to two full days to reflect the changes and enable front line staff to use this invaluable tool as effectively as possible.

Restorative Approach developments

AIM is extending its range of training and materials which currently cover the use and application of Restorative Justice to settings beyond the the formal criminal justice system. We are particularly interested in the use and development of Restorative Approaches (RA) in the social care/ therapeutic field in cases of family reunification and intra familial HSB. As such AIM associates are developing a new two day training course on Sibling HSB and the use of Restorative approaches.  This course aimed at YOT staff, Social Care staff, RJ workers and those in the therapeutic field, will address  how RA can assist in assisting families and  victims who have been impacted by Sibling HSB. Booking on the course can be done directly though the AIM Project, the dates being 6th/7th March and the venue is city centre Salford. Aims and objectives and a booking form  are accessible now from the course details in events.