Basic Awareness HSB

 One Day HSB Basic Awareness Course
Target audience
This course is targeted at caseworkers who are new to this area of work, youth workers and social care staff who care for children and young
people who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).  
Course Aim
HSB can provoke considerable anxiety in parents/carers and
professionals. One of the primary aims of this training is to demystify
this whole area of work and empower carers and professionals to use
skills they already have when managing children and young people who present with HSB.The training will provide professionals with some
theoretical background about the development of sexual behaviour
problems with structured guidelines for ways to intervene when HSB
occurs. This one-day course aims to develop practice confidence and
competence in understanding and responding to HSB.  
Learning Outcomes
i)Knowledge of the prevalence and characteristics of harmful sexual
ii)Awareness of the theories that explain the development of harmful
sexual behaviour. 
iii)Understanding of the continuum of sexual behaviour for children/
young peopleIncreased confidence in responding to and managing HSB. 
iv)Parental/Carer ResponseProfessional/Organisational Response.
vi)Awareness of what works in the treatment of children/young people
who engage in sexually harmful behaviour.An increased insight into
staff support and care.