Basic Awareness TAHSB

Title: Basic Awareness of Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviours.   
Target audienceThis one-day awareness raising course has been designed for social care, youth offending, education, health staff and the third sector workforce with an introduction to how technology may play a role in harmful sexual behaviours. It is ideal for practitioners who may not be directly involved in risk assessments, but who wish to have an up to date understanding of this subject. 
Course AimThe Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) acknowledges that, “no issue is more pressing for contemporary child protection than the role of the internet in facilitating child sexual abuse.” This one-day course aims to develop professional knowledge of technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour (TA-HSB) displayed by young people, which may include sexting/youth generated sexual images, indecent images of children and pornography use.  This dynamic and interactive course will equip practitioners with an invaluable insight of the range and types of TA-HSB, and importantly how best to report and respond to these concerns. The content will include an overview of relevant research, legislation and statutory guidance relating to TA-HSB, and will include research findings on the impact of technology-assisted child sexual abuse on children and young people.  
Learning OutcomesBy the end of the course participants will:(i) Understand what types of behaviours constitutes Technology-Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour,(ii) Know how best to respond and report TA-HSB concerns,(iii) Be confident in applying relevant legislation and professional guidance,(iv) Recognise and acknowledge the impact of technology-assisted child sexual abuse on children and young people.
MethodologyThis interactive course will use a mixture of small and large group learning activities; case scenario testing; quizzes and presentations. The course handouts will provide comprehensive materials to support professional development.