Training the Trainers RO practice and HSB

Specific Setting course; One day Training the Trainers; Referral Order Practice and HSB Course
Target audience This one-day is designed for Panel Co-ordinators
Course Aim The overall aim of the course is to enable Panel Co -ordinators to deliver a single days training to Panel Members to ensure sensitive and effective RO practice in cases of HSB  
Learning Outcomes By the end of the course participants will:
(i)  Have a understanding of the structure and content of the AIM Project single days training for Panel Members in cases of HSB
(ii) Be able to address common assumptions and stereotypes around
youth HSB
(iii) Facilitate learning and understanding of the range of impacts on victims of HSBand consider how this might be addressed by Panel process
(iii) Be confident in making appropriate changes to the structure of panel meetings to enable sensitive and appropriate restorative practice with HSB cases
Methodology This interactive course will use a mixture of small and large group learning activities, case scenarios, quizzes, DVD’s and   presentations to ‘walk through’ the AIM Project single day .