2 day Restorative practice and HSB Course

Two Day Adolescent Harmful Sexual Behaviour  (HSB)  and
Restorative Practice (RP)Training Course 
Target audience
The course is targeted at RJ/RP staff who are either currently
encountering or will be working with cases of sexual harm that have the possibility of  restorative practice. The course contains a significant element of skills training but assumes that participants are already
trained and experienced RJ/RA practitioners to Intermediate or Advanced level. 
Course Aim
This course will enable participants to have a clear understanding of the
issues, challenges and potential benefits of using Restorative Practices in cases of adolescent HSB. It will cover research and practice knowledge
and through role play and group exercises it will enable participants to
practice skills most appropriate to safe and effective restorative work in cases of HSB.  
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course participants will;
i)Gain some knowledge of the practice/methodology employed in RP to
facilitate communication in cases of HSB.
ii)Have some understanding of the characteristics of Adolescent Harmful Sexual behaviour and the opportunities and challenges this creates
iii)Explore the potential impacts of HSB from a victim’s perspective
iv)To consider the familial harm and impact that occurs in cases of HSB
and what families might gain from participation in the process
v) Gain an understanding of the key characteristics of the ‘AIM Approach’ for RP in HSB Cases
vi)Practice the skills necessary to run a safe restorative practice  in cases of HSB
vii)Understand the importance of an RP assessment to ensure safe and
effective restorative practice using the 2020 AIM Project Restorative Practice and HSB Guidance which will need to be purchased as part of the training.