2 day Sibling HSB and Restorative practice Course

Target Audience
The course is targeted at HSB caseworkers, Social Care staff, Youth Offending Team staff, victim support workers and those in restorative services who may be considering taking on cases of sibling Harmful Sexual behaviour. It does not require practice experience to Restorative Approaches in the field of Restorative Approaches and will not train skills in relation to RA.
Course Aim
This course considers and explores the characteristics of sibling HSB and seeks to improve professionals’ confidence and ability to respond therapeutically to these situations. The first day will consider messages from research, consider the impact and relational consequences, whilst day 2 will focus upon the potential application of Restorative Approaches to assist in family reunification, considering how we deliver safe and effective practice. Both days will highlight the importance of inter agency/multi disciplinary work. 
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course participants will:
i) Have knowledge of research and practice about the prevalence and characteristics of sibling harmful sexual behaviour.
ii) Be able to identify the family context where sibling harmful sexual behaviour is more likely to occur.
iii) To have an understanding of responses to disclosures of sibling harmful sexual behaviour with particular reference to denial/minimisation and explore the impact of sibling harmful sexual behaviour on the victim, perpetrator and family relationships using a case study.
iv) Explore the potential for restorative approaches in the workplace for sibling HSB and consider what the benefits might be.
v) Be aware of the use of assessment approaches to determine the suitability and inform preparation for a restorative approach.