RJ and SHB Practice Guidance

Restorative Justice and Sexually Harmful Behaviour;

PLEASE NOTE; These titles are  subject to revision very shortly and will be updated and  combined into a single title during 2015. Please see events for news of publication date.

In 2007  AIM released a set of three guidance booklets;

These booklets formed a trilogy of guidance relating to Restorative Justice (RJ) work in the contextof Sexually Harmful Behaviour (SHB).

The  titles are;

  • Referral Order Practice and Sexually Harmful Behaviour
  • Victim Contact and Sexually harmful Behaviour
  • Restorative approaches to Sexually Harmful Behaviour

The intent was;

  • to inform and develop best practice within this field
  • to disseminate the experience of the AIM project working in this area of RJ andSHB over the past 8 years
  • to encourageRJ practitioners to reflect upon their own practice in relation to SHB.

The 2015 revision will include the more recent practice research with regard to RJ in cases of SHB as well as the development of Best Practice Standards laid down by the Ministry of Justice with regard to RJ in ‘Sensitive and Complex’ cases.



Restorative Justice, Training on Victim Contact and Referral Order Practice in ‘Sensitive and Complex’ Cases as defined by the 2011 Home Office Best Practice Guidance.

The Youth Justice Board is offering funding under its RJ Development Fund (see http://www.justice.gov.uk/news/press-releases/yjb/victims-of-youth-crime-get-greater-access-to-restorative-justice) to enable Youth Offending Teams to increase its skills levels with regard to restorative practice with Sensitive and Complex Cases. The AIM Project can offer single day training with regard to Sensitive and Complex cases  covering the following area’s;

  • Referral Order Practice
  •  Victim Contact
  •  Restorative Assessments
  •  Restorative Meetings

Cost will be £775 per day plus travel/accom/ subsistence (to increase to £850 from March 2015)

For detailed Learning outcomes contact the AIM Project on