Procedures and Policy

The 10 Local Authorities and key agencies in Greater Manchester acknowledge their responsibilities to develop and agree policies and procedures for inter-agency work to protect children, to improve ways of working in the light of knowledge gained through national/ local experience and research, and to make sure that lessons learnt are shared, understood and acted upon. To support this statement the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Boards, Youth Offending Service, NSPCC and Greater Manchester Police have endorsed thes policies and procedures, which are written into their Child Protection Procedures.

The guide covers;

  1. Introduction
  2. Principles, Philosophy and Values
  3. Objectives
  4. Applicability
  5. Referral
  6. Criminal Justice Route
  7. Child Protection/Children In Need Route
  8. Roles and Responsibilities
  9. The Assessment Report
  10. Management
  11. Multi-Disciplinary Meetings
  12. Complaints Procedure
  13. Steps to AIM Assessment for under 12’s
  14. Steps to AIM 2 Assessment for adolescents
  15. AIM Assessment Parent /Carer Consent Form
  16. Practice guidance and agenda for AIM Strategy Meeting