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AIM2 INITIAL ASSESSMENT – Is no longer available from the AIM Project as it has been replaced by the AIM3 framework in July 2019 . See the National AIM Week Section of the AIM Training Programme section for details 

AIM ASSESSMENT AND INTERVENTION MANUAL FOR UNDER 12’S – provides information from research and practice, which informs the assessment models within the manual; initial assessment and core assessment that link into checklists and guidance on analysis and outcomes. It also incorporates guidance on talking to children and their parents about sexual behaviours, practical home safety plans, report writing, multi agency processes and interventions. In addition it has a specific section looking at the 10-12 year olds. Authors Carol Carson & AIM Project. The publication will be revised in 2019 and launched at the National AIM week event in London 8th July. See National AIM Week section of Training Programme section of this website.

Cost: £85 + £8.50 p& p

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – outlines a frame of reference and multi-agency structure for decision making where a child or young person has displayed sexually harmful through to sexually offending behaviour.  Author Julie Henniker.

Cost: £20 + £3.00 p & p

EDUCATION GUIDELINES  2017– for identifying and managing sexually problematic/abusive behaviour in nurseries, primary, secondary, special needs schools and FE Colleges. The guidelines reflect current information from research and practice. Authors Carol Carson & AIM Project. Accompanying CD containing all the forms in the book  together with notse how to use checklist and pattern mapping an additional £20 (plus £2 p7p if ordered alone)

Book Cost: £65 + £6.00 p&p

CD Cost £20 + £2 p&p if ordered alone

TA/HSB Practice Guidance (Technology Assisted HSB)

This guidance replaces the 2009 iAIM framework and incorporates the most uptodate evidence from the AIM-NSPCC partnership to help professionals deal with internet based sexual offending. In 2017 our understanding of how technology may facilitate sexual offending amongst adolescents has deepened and this guidance is offered to help practitioners safely navigate their way through an increasing complex child abuse environment.

The Guidance an a single day training programme in support is now available via the AIM Project. Contact for more details and read an outline of the training in the training section of this website.

Cost of the guidance is £50 plus £6 p&p. Order from the store section of this website or directly from the AIM Project

SETTING UP SERVICES – the guide addresses issues for consideration when looking at developing a multi-agency approach and strategic framework for responding to children and young people who display sexually problematic behaviours:

  • Conducting a baseline audit – identifying assets and gaps in terms of local response
  • Planning
  • Setting up services – building blocks
  • Implementation
  • Managing change
  • Lessons learnt from the Greater Manchester journey

Authors:  Tony Morrison and Julie Henniker.

Cost:  £20 + £4.00 p & p

INITIAL ASSESSMENT OF PARENTS AND CARERS – this guide provides professionals with a practical framework for initial assessment of parents/carers of young people who display sexually harmful behaviour.  It addresses the assessment process in terms of:

Context, Purposes and Preparation

Engaging parents/carers:  Points to bear in mind

Initial assessment framework

Cost:  £15 + £3.00 p & p

INITIAL ASSESSMENT OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES – this assessment guide is geared to young people in the mild to moderate range of intellectual disability, that is those young people within the IQ range of 60 – 80.

Cost:  £15 + £3.00 p & p

RESTORATIVE PRACTICE and HSB GUIDANCE; 2019 . A revised comprehensive guide to critical issues around restorative practice with HSB  displayed by adolescents. This new version is due for release in July 2019 and combines the Practice Guidance with the Restorative Assessment Framework

Cost £60 +£5 p&p