I am pleased to be able to provide a foreword to this manual on behalf of the Directors of Social Services across Greater Manchester, and to continue our support of the important work that is being developed by the AIM project.

We all know that working with young people who sexually abuse is an area of work in which the collaboration and contribution of different agencies is vital.

The AIM project has acted as a catalyst in coordinating and bringing together agencies within Greater Manchester. The manual here contains much of the practical consequence of this joint approach in the form of multi-disciplinary frameworks for the assessment of behaviours which cause concern.

In short these are assessments that encourage and promote co-working, the sharing of information, knowledge and specific expertise that can be translated into appropriate and positive interventions for these young people and their families.

I hope that readers of the manual will find the contents a valuable resource in responding to and promoting practice based on firm evidence, to reduce the sexually harmful behaviour of children and young people.

With good wishes
Anne Williams, Directory of Social Services, Salford