Under 12’s

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide workers with an understanding from research, and clinical experience, of the areas which need to be explored when undertaking an initial assessment of a child with problematic sexual behaviours and their families.

The manual contains:

Information from research and practice – this is the background information which informs the model and where on the continuums of concerns and strengths information is placed.

A section on children aged between 10 – 12 years old. Children over 10 years are above the age of criminal responsibility and therefore can be prosecuted. For this age range, even though developmentally they are still children they become involved with the Criminal Justice system.

Guidance is given on referral procecesses and how to use the manual in relation to this group of children.

AIM initial Assessment – checklists and guidance on analysis and outcomes and practical home safety plans. It also includes guidance on talking to children and parents about sexual behaviours.

AIM Core Assessment – checklists and guidance on analysis and outcomes. It gives suggestions fro gathering information from children and parents. It also includes guidance on report formats and the AIM inter-agency process

Interventions – guidance on interventions with children, their families and their wider network. It includes suggestions for exercises, useful resources and the importance of inter-agency working. It also includes information on relevant issues such as resilience, working with denial, motivational interviewing and outcome focused planning.