Families and Carers

The aim of this protocol is to provide workers with a practical framework for the initial assessment of parents or carers of young people who have committed sexual assualts or who display sexually problematic behaviours. We have included carers within this protocol as the identification of sexually problematic behaviour may sometimes first occur in this setting. In addition foster parents and residental staff play an important role in caring for children and young people with sexually problematic behaviour. This protocol forms part of the intial assessment framework operating under the AIM Project in Manchester.

Anyone using this initial parent/carer assessment protocol must do so in conjunction with the initial assessment of the young person/child, as the information from the parental assessment will need to be integrated into the findings from the assessment on the young person / child.


1. Context Purpose and Preperation 62
1.1 When to Use this Assessment Framework 62
1.2 Purpose of the Initial Parental/Carer Assessment 63
1.3 Who Should Undertake the Initial Parental Assessment? 64
1.4 Preperation 64
1.5 Supervision and support for the worker 64
2. Initial Interviews with Parents/Carers: points to bear in mind 65
3. Initial Parental/Carer Assessment Interview 67
3.1 Key Tasks 67
3.2 Getting started: first 15 minutes 68
3.3 Getting the basics right 68
3.4 Initial Assessment Interview Structure 69
3.5 Initial Parental/Carer Assessment Outcome Table 72
3.6 Scoring 74
3.7 Next Steps 74
3.8 Ten Key Questions for the Multi-Agency Planning Meeting 75
3.9 AIM Initial Assessment Analysis and Action Form 76