TA-HSB 2017 (replaces iAIM2009)


 This guidance, written by AIM associate Richard Swann, replaces the 2009 iAIM framework and incorporates the most uptodate evidence from the AIM-NSPCC partnership to help professionals deal with internet based sexual offending. In 2017 our understanding of how technology may facilitate sexual offending amongst adolescents has deepened and this guidance is offered to help practitioners safely navigate their way through an increasing complex child abuse environment.

The Guidance an a single day training programme in support is now available via the AIM Project. Contact aimproject@msn.com for more details and read an outline of the training in the training section of this website.

Cost of the guidance is £50 plus £6 p&p. Order from the store section of this website or directly from the AIM Project.



Key findings from Lit review and NSPCC research

Practice Guidance

Supervision of TS-HSB practice

Supporting appendices