Internet Assessment, Intervention and Moving On (iAIM)

iAIM  AIM Internet Assessment and Intervention Guidance

This manual is primarily designed to provide social workers and youth justice practitioners with a framework for guiding their assessments and interventions with adolescent males aged 12-18 years in mainstream education who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviors on-line using new technologies.  The referral behaviour  may include downloading, distributing and the production of child abuse images using new technologies. The guidance will assist practitioners working with young people whose internet behaviours forms part of an overall concern regarding their harmful behaviours as well as those young people where this is the sole or main cause for concern. The iAIM Manual is meant to provide a broad frame of reference to supplement clinical judgment which can be used in conjunction with the AIM2 Initial assessment model.


Section 1; Setting the context

Section 2; iAIM Initial Assessment Checklist

Section 3; iAIM Intervention Guidance

Section 4; Resources for parents/carers,practitionersyoung people