Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practice Guidance (2nd Edition 2019) written by Richard Swann and Jennifer Allotey

The Technology-Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practice Guidance (2ndEdition) (2019) has been developed by AIM Associates Richard Swann and Jennifer Allotey for experienced practitioners who have undertaken additional training in conducting harmful sexual behaviour risk assessments. This guidance provides the means by which to structure professional judgements and case formulation, and should be used to form part of a holistic and comprehensive assessment.

Section one – provides an overview of international research including the NSPCC meta-analysis of research on children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour online (Belton & Hollis, 2016), and an analysis of the backgrounds and characteristics of young people accessing an NSPCC therapeutic service for their technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour (Hollis & Belton, 2017).

Section two – provides guidance to help practitioners and supervisors to better formulate professional judgements about risks in the context of concerns arising from an adolescent’s technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviours. The key three stages of the practice guidance are:

(a) To provide worksheets to aid practitioners in understanding what is relevant information regarding TA-HSB

(b) To provide a case formulation model to guide practitioners on how to analyse the information to develop a risk profile and a strengths profile of the individual, their family and the networks in which they are involved.

(c) To provide guidance on how to use the case formulation model to develop safety plans and appropriate interventions.