The AIM Project (AIM) has been working in the field of children and adolescents with harmful sexual behaviours (HSB) for over 20 years and is one of the leading UK and international organisations in this area of work

If you or your organisation is interested or struggling to find out more about how to work with HSB in your setting, or in relation to a specific child or young person, then AIM is a charity which offers training, consultancy and quality resources for practitioners and managers to educate, support and develop their practice

AIM is unique in providing a comprehensive, interlinking suite of models, frameworks and practice guidance, for children and adolescents that are used extensively throughout the UK/Ireland and internationally in Norway, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. Each resource has a linked training course offered both online and face to face

These practice resources are trauma informed and take a holistic approach to assessment and intervention with children and adolescents, and include guidance on different aspects of HSB such as:

• Assessment of Adolescents (AIM3)
• Assessments of Children (AIM Under 12s)
• Interventions with Adolescents
• Technology assisted HSB for online cases
• Supervising HSB practice for supervisors and managers
• Restorative Practice with HSB cases

For AIM, taking a holistic approach means also supporting those practitioners and agencies in the child or young person’s context who may not be experienced in HSB work, but who need to make decisions on levels of concern/referrals or be a significant part of any intervention plan. AIM has therefore created training and resources for those practitioners including:

• AIM Checklists for early identification and decisions re referrals/assessments
• Education Training and Practice Guidance
• Residential Care Training
• Foster Care Training
• Foundation Awareness Training

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