Two Day AIM & NSPCC Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour (TA-HSB) Guidance Training Course

 Two Day Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour (TA-HSB) Guidance Training Course
Target audience
This course is targeted at experienced practitioners in social work, youth offending, psychology and CAMHs and specialist HSB providers, who have completed AIM3 training and who have been approved to use the AIM3 model.

Please note that if a participant has not been approved to use the AIM3 model they will not be able to undertake this training. 
Course Aim
This two-day course aims to develop practice confidence and competence in understanding the role of technology in harmful sexual behaviours and builds on the core knowledge base about adolescents and harmful sexual behaviours given in AIM3 training. It highlights the nuances in practice that workers may face and helps to develop analytical skills in relation to TA-HSB.

It draws upon the AIM & NSPCC Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour (TA-HSB) guidance (Allotey & Swann 2019) which has been designed to help practitioners to formulate judgements about risk in the context of concerns arising from an adolescent’s technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviours (TA-HSB) and to then formulate the development of safety plans.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:
(i) Have an understanding of current research findings regarding technology assisted sexual harm and how these relate to AIM3
(ii) Know how to collect and collate relevant information regarding TA-HSB
(iii) Learn how to develop a case formulation
(iv) Be confident in establishing safety plans.  

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