AIM Restorative Practice and HSB – Online

 Two Day AIM Restorative Practice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour
Target audience
This two-day course is primarily targeted at experienced restorative practitioners working either in the criminal justice system or in the context of a child safeguarding/therapeutic environment.

Participants may have only a basic understanding of harmful sexual behaviours, but ideally should have practice experience in the field of restorative work with cases defined by the RJC Practice Guidance as ‘Sensitive and Complex’. This would equate to practitioners at an intermediate or advanced level or be managing staff at that level.
Course Aim
This two-day course will enable participants to have a clear understanding of restorative practices and their use in sensitive and complex cases which involve harmful sexual behavior. It is based on the body of research and practice experience contained in the AIM Restorative Practice and HSB (Mercer 2020) and participants will need access to that guidance in order to complete the training.

Theoretical perspectives, up to date research, the use of appropriate assessment and practice exercises in shaping preparation will be covered. The course will employ a mixture of training methods, including direct input, small group exercises, case studies.
Learning Outcomes
Participants will have:
  • An understanding of the AIM Restorative Practice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour Guidance (Mercer 2020) and how to apply the Assessment model to assist in shaping preparation and ensure the delivery of suitable and safe restorative practice in harmful sexual behaviour cases
  • An understanding of the ‘The AIM Approach’ to Restorative Practice and HSB
  • An understanding of the characteristics of those who sexually harm, those who have been harmed and the relational context between them
  • An understanding of the theoretical and principles underpinning this work
  • An understanding of trauma informed practice and how it is applicable to HSB cases
  • An understanding of the impact of intra-familial HSB
  • An understanding of the issues around engaging with a wider professional network in Restorative Practice and HSB work

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