Course Cancellation Terms

Course Cancellation Terms

It is possible to cancel your booking, but dependent on when you do it, cancellation fees may apply. Therefore, as a first option, and if the timeframe allows, you might want to consider the possibility of sending a replacement/colleague to the training. If you wish to make such a replacement you must contact us by email on and notify us of the details of the person who is replacing you.

If a book is an integral part of the course and it has not yet been sent to you (we can tell you this when you first contact us about the change) then we will need the change of name, new email address and changed postal address of the person to whom we will now need to send the book.

If you have already received the book or it is in transit to you, then you would need to ensure that the book is passed to your colleague before the course date. If your replacement does not have the book when the course starts then they will not be able to take part and unfortunately, we would not be able to refund you any costs.

If it is not possible for your colleague to receive the book from you in time for the course then a replacement for you on the course would not be possible and the following sliding cancellation scale would apply:

– Cancellation 4 weeks or longer before start date based on our ability to reallocate the place: Full refund

– Cancellation between 4 weeks and 15 days before start date: Credit note of fifty percent of the training costs (excluding cost of the book if already sent to you)

– Cancellation of 14 days or less before start date: No refund

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