Harmful Sexual Behaviour between Siblings (HSB-S) Practice Guidance

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Harmful Sexual Behaviour between Siblings (HSB-S) Practice Guidance
Supporting families to heal and move on from crisis through a shared narrative
Target audience
This course is targeted at practitioners working with families in which Harmful Sexual Behaviour has occurred between siblings (HSB-S). The course is tailored for practitioners who may be working with any part of the family system including the sibling who has been harmed, the sibling who has harmed, parents/carers, or siblings who may not have been harmed. Ideally, participants should already have a baseline understanding of the practice knowledge base on children and adolescents with HSB and/or those who have been sexually harmed.
Course Aim
This two-day course aims to develop practitioner’s confidence and skills in providing assessments and interventions for families in which HSB-S has occurred and to offer restoration and re-unification to families through the development of a shared narrative.
By the end of the two days training participants will have:
• Had an opportunity to reflect on pre-course video material and answer any questions regarding research, and models that informed the development of the guidance
• An understanding of issues around initial safety planning, including possibility of removal, and how to plan from the beginning for re-unification if removal has occurred
• An understanding of how to assess each part of the family system, particularly the sibling relationship and their readiness for discussing the HSB-S and possible restoration/re-unification
• An understanding of how to complete interventions with different parts of the family system including formulating their narrative of the HSB-S
• An understanding of how to write a shared narrative and facilitate the family restoration session that supports the family in healing and moving forward
• Had an opportunity to reflect on the dynamics they bring as professionals to work with HSB-S, as well as considering the impact of this work on themselves

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23/24th May 2024, 16/17th September 2024

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