Reapproval of AIM3

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Target audience
This 3 hour course is targeted at those whose Approval to use the AIM 3 model was given 3 years ago and is designed to keep their Approval updated. After 3 years if the Approval is not renewed, it is considered to have lapsed and no longer valid.

Only those who have already been trained in AIM 3 and have practiced using it for 3 years will be accepted for this renewal course. Anyone who has not been trained should complete the 2 day course.

Course Aim
This is part of The AIM Project’s quality assurance processes, to ensure that those using the AIM 3 model have the most up to date knowledge from research and practice. It is a way of checking in with those who are using the AIM 3 model to make sure they continue to receive information, support and training from The AIM Project. This course aims to provide the participants with:

a) The most up to date information from research and practice to ensure that practitioners are using current information in their assessments
b) An opportunity to be involved in the development of the model through feedback on its use in practice over the previous three years
c) The most up to date information from The AIM Project on current practice issues and information, support and training that can be accessed through AIM.
d) Confirmation Certificate of Reapproval to continue to use the AIM 3 model for a further 3 years
Competency Requirement – There is no competency requirement test for this training. Being able to engage with the new information and providing feedback from the use of the model over the previous 3 years, will provide evidence of the individual’s understanding.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:
(i) Have up to date knowledge from research and practice on adolescent HSB

(ii) Revisit the core aspects of the AIM3 Model and their application to practice
(iii) Have up to date information on The AIM Project’s work on current practice issues and the information, training and support available
(iv) Have their Approval to use the AIM 3 model for a further 3 years

Additional information

Course Dates

22 May 2024 (PM), 19 June 2024 (AM), 19 June 2024 (PM), 17 July 2024 – AM, 17 July 2024 – PM, 11 September 2024 – AM, 11 September 2024 – PM, 9 October 2024 – AM, 9 October 2024 – PM

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