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Vince Mercer – Restorative Justice/Practice Lead
BA Hons Anthropology & History; Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work; MSc in Practitioner Research; Certificate in Serious Case Mediation, Uni of Minnesota

Vince Mercer is a registered Social Worker specialising in Youth Justice. He was a Senior Practitioner and Team Leader in Youth Justice for over 20 years and established and ran the Greater Manchester Family Group Meetings Project, working restoratively with young people who committed serious  harm, the victims and families as part of the Youth Justice Board’s introduction of Restorative Justice into the youth criminal justice system. He is a trained Restorative Conference and Family Group Conference facilitator and Serious Case Mediator.

 In 2003 he joined The AIM Project to focus upon restorative practice in the field of child and adolescent harmful sexual behaviour and became a Core Associate. On behalf of The AIM Project he contributed to the DAPHNE/ European Commission Project on ‘Developing integrated responses to sexual violence; an interdisciplinary research project on the use of restorative justice’. Vince is a registered trainer with the European Forum for Restorative Justice, jointly running the 2017 EFRJ Summer school  in Como, Italy on RJ.

He has trained extensively on the subject of restorative practice and harmful sexual behaviour in the UK and in Europe and has developed a range of practice tools over the years reflecting The AIM Project’s experience in the field.


Mercer V., Madsen K. (2015) Doing Restorative Justice in cases of sexual violence. A practice Guide. Publisher: European Forum of Restorative Justice

Mercer, V. (2020) The AIM Restorative Practice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour Assessment Framework and Practice Guidance. Publisher: The AIM Project

Mercer, V. (2020) A journey considering the application of Restorative Approaches in cases of Harmful Sexual Behaviour. In Changer de regard la justice restaurative en cas d’infractions grave  Ed Prof Nicolas Queloz, Schulthess Zurich 2020

Mercer,V. The AIM Project Practice Guidance on the use of Restorative Practice in cases of Harmful Sexual Behaviour   in NOTA News Jan 2020

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